Residential 101

CEU Credit for Electrical Journeyman, Administrators, and Master Electricians: 8 Hours NEC

CEU Credit for Trainee’s: 8 Hours Industry Related 

Classroom Class Time: 8:00AM – 4:30PM 

Required Book: Current NEC Code Book Required Materials: Paper, Pen/Pencil, and Calculator Course #s

Course #s

• Journeyman: 

• Trainee: WA2016-041

This course will cover the first four chapters of the code book. Some of the topics are: definitions, enclosure types, working space, nonmetallic- sheathed cable (romex), multiwire branch circuits, GFCI protection, ARC fault protection, branch circuits required in dwelling and non dwelling units, receptacles, lighting, circuit breakers, ground rods, minimum cover (burial), feeders, box fill calculations, ohms law, outside receptacles, re- cessed can lights, smoke detectors, and more!