Prepare yourself before your exam

  It is not only important to have the knowledge and understanding of how to navigate the code, getting prepared for your exam may also be preparing yourself mentally.  If you have taken an exam and didn't receive a passing score, what can you learn from this?  Read about successful people such as Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, or Nikola Tesla.  They didn't give up, they would figure out "what can I learn about this" or "what can I do differently".  If something isn't working for you then, change your approach! 

  1. If you haven't studied for you exam - Take a class, get some practice questions, or buy a training program.
  2. If you have studied for the exam and didn't pass.  Take a look at what books you bring to the exam.  Do you use them when you navigate the code and when  or just grab a stack of books and hope for the best!  (shoot from the hip) - Use the books you would take to the exam.  Practice with them and leave unnecessary books behind.
  3. Take your test and pass your Exam.  
  4. Call, text, or email us the great news!   I love hearing those words.  “I PASSED!”